End Grain Cutting Boards

Mixing modern styles with traditional favourites

Four Distinct Styles

Traditional Range

Functional, solid and plainly beautiful in their simplicity - these single species timber boards create an even visual surface suited to modern minimalist kitchens.

Contemporary Range

From flags to tartan, these individually designed boards are exquisite and a statement of quality to add to your kitchen. You will enjoy cooking and food preparation like never before with these stunning quality end grain cutting boards. 

3D Range

The incredible design of these boards creates a fun and playful landscape for food preparation, cheese platters and fruit boards. These boards are a wonderful gift to delight the eye and provide a talking point for every dinner party. 

Chaotic Range

A chaotic style board is a beautiful and unique board where no two boards can ever be made alike. Highly labour intensive to create but making use of timber which might be otherwise wasted, the overall cost of labour and materials evens out to make these prized boards affordable for all.


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