My world of timber started with watching my father create furniture from his imagination, no plans and no expectations. I became a carpenter and worked in that industry for over 15 years. Coming back to the timber industry after a break has brought a desire to create and design something unusual and a bit different


We now create these unique end grain cutting boards that are both beautiful and practical and designed to last a lifetime. Unlike long grain timber cutting boards that score easily and are quickly blemished by knife marks, the end grain design of our cutting boards ensures that the wood fibres close after they are cut, providing a much more durable, practical and beautiful product for your kitchen or restaurant.  


An end grain cutting board, with the fibres being orientated vertically, means that when the knife cuts the board, the fibres of the timber split open and then close again once the knife has passed through. The knife does not score the timber as much as with long grained cutting boards .

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